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About Us : Striving to deliver the best cheese

Creamy Camemberts. Buttery Bries. Craveworthy cheddars.

Made by cheese lovers and for cheese lovers, we’re a one-stop-shop for satisfying your latest food cravings. Our award-winning specialty cheeses are crafted around the globe—from the foothills of France to the heart of the Midwest—using only the best ingredients, like rBST-free milk. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill cheeses, either—our offerings are delectably creamy, tantalizingly tangy, and bursting with creative flavors from fresh herbs to truffle to whisky. Your taste buds will thank you (and so do we).

Our Story

It’s the 21st century—why should you have to go to the store to find delicious, high-quality cheeses from around the globe? At the Cheese Lover Shop, we deliver world-class cheeses straight to your door, sharing irresistible flavors that are sure to satisfy and impossible to forget.

We were inspired to open in 2020, when grocery store supplies dwindled and every outing seemed monumental. Back then, specialty cheeses felt like a luxurious afterthought once you snagged the last bottle of hand sanitizer off the shelf. Shopping was stressful, and we wanted to bring a bit of comfort and ease to our customers—allowing them to enjoy flavors from around the world without leaving home.

Since opening, we’ve been able to offer cheeses that are both accessible and inspiring, with original recipes from our resident cheese lover Chef Greg Gable that make all of our products shine (and sometimes, melt). Our online fromagerie sells masterfully crafted cheeses made by ten brands stretching from France to Utah—and as the (ahem, Brie) wheel turns, we’re excited to keep our list of curated cheeses and accoutrements growing.


Delicious cheeses, delivered

We use eco-friendly packaging to ensure our products arrive fresh—and fast. All orders are shipped between Monday and Wednesday, so your cheeses don’t spend the weekends sitting in transit. Craveworthy flavors are only a click away. Find your new favorite cheese today.