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Discover our unique selection of cheeses. From soft to hard, spreads to blues,
we have everything to satisfy your (and your cheese-loving guests’!) needs.

What is the Cheese Lover Shop?
Brought to you by people who love cheese, the Cheese Lover Shop is an e-commerce shop that brings you amazing cheese experiences. It’s the destination for folks who love cheese and the convenience of having their favorites delivered straight to their door.

How do you select your cheeses?
Brought to you by Savencia Fromage & Dairy, one of the leading manufacturers of specialty cheese in the world, we feature a wide variety of both imported and domestically produced cheese. The selections are some of the most popular and award-winning cheeses made by Savencia, plus unique, complementary finds from trusted partners who share our top-quality standards.

Have I heard of Savencia cheeses?
Probably! In the USA we craft high-end specialties like Alouette, Chavrie, Dorothy’s, Smithfield and Rogue Creamery (World’s Best Cheese 2020). We also import renowned French favorites such as Esquirrou (World’s Best Cheese 2018), Saint André, Saint Agur, Etorki, Cayrol and Chaumes.

Cheese Lover Shop has the pleasure to present you with specialty cheeses such as Papillon, famous for their blue cheeses, especially the iconic Roquefort Papillon. Cheeses aren’t the only products you’ll find in our shop: you’ll also find delicious accompaniments, from D’Artagnan cured meat s to an array of jams from Divina, Janet’s compotes, and many other wonderful products.

What will I find in the Cheese Lover Shop? 
Today we are launching a selection of 30 cheeses. They are some of the finest products across various cheese types including spreads, goat, brie, blue and hard cheese. The cheeses are crafted either from cow, goat or sheep milk. In the near future we will add more cheeses plus curated cheese plate favorites like crackers, preserves and cornichons as we move forward.

How did the idea for the Cheese Lover Shop come about?
We’ve been listening to our loyal customers as we all navigate this trying time. Some of our shoppers don’t feel comfortable heading to the shops as often as they once did or have found that their go-to store isn’t always stocked with what they want. Our solution is the Cheese Lover Shop, a virtual cheese market where you can order your favorites straight from your phone, tablet or computer and receive them on your doorstep, fresh and ready to enjoy.

What’s the Cheese Lover Shop’s promise to consumers?
Our goal is becoming your destination for amazing cheese experiences.  We bring all of the service you would expect at a high-end cheese shop—our in-house experts are ready to answer any questions you might have about cheese. Savencia’s very own corporate chef, Chef Greg Gable, will be sharing pairing ideas, usages, virtual tastings and more.


Who is Chef Greg Gable?
With over 20 years of culinary experience, Chef Greg has spent the past few years focused on research & development of new cheeses and fresh flavors. On the site, he will showcase best practices of selecting, wrapping, cutting, storing and presenting cheese, plus cheese pairings and recipes that will blow your taste buds away! There is so much you can do with cheese, and Chef Greg will help you navigate the never-ending options. Adding specialty cheese to your celebratory platters or to your favorite recipes, like macaroni and cheese, burgers and pizzas will be a cinch with the help of Chef Greg.


How are you shipping the cheese?
We partnered with the foremost experts in insulated packaging and FedEx to create the best shipping conditions for our cheese, and add freeze packs to preserve freshness throughout its journey. We ship Monday thru Wednesday to avoid cheese spending the weekend alone in transit—after all, you want fresh cheese, not sad cheese, right?

Engagement for the planet and sustainable packaging
To protect the planet, we deliver cheeses to your door in eco-friendly packaging that keeps your cheeses well protected. The packaging consists of a biodegradable and recyclable box, recycled paper to hold your cheeses wedged in place, and a reusable ice pack to keep your cheese fresh. Soon, the ice packs could feed your plants too! This provides a shipping solution that we find makes the right combination of sturdy and environmentally conscious.

Cheese box subscription
Discover new cheeses every month with our cheese box subscription deal. This new offer lets you get up to 10 cheeses and accompaniments every month, making it a fun and easy way to discover new flavors. Let Cheese Lover Shop’s experts craft a delicious and harmoniously balanced basket that will delight you and your guests. You are free to pause and reactivate your subscription at any time and keep receiving your package at the beginning of each month.

Corporate cheese gifts
Appreciation gifts are a common (and delicious) practice among companies or from companies to their customers. You too, can make custom orders for your company or for special occasions like business meetings, galas, or a shop opening event. You can set a date for your cheese to arrive to make sure you receive the freshest products. Check out our corporate gift form and receive your delicious cheese assortment to share for your events.

World Central Kitchen and Cheese Lover Shop
Cheese Lover Shop supports World Central Kitchen to help bring food resilience to communities around the world as they struggle with disease, poverty, or natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. That’s why for every order over $70, we donate $1 to Word Central Kitchen. World Central Kitchen collaborates with restaurants to provide meals for communities in need and has so far delivered more than 50 million meals.