Chavrie Goat cheese

Chavrie is a brand of remarkable fresh cheeses.  Their original flavor is perfect for your recipes, and their flavorful cheese logs are delicious as is, or in your cooking.

cheese board with chavrie garlic and herbs cranberry & orange peel, crackers, nuts, olives

Chavrie: goat cheese experts since 1989

Chavrie is a company fully dedicated to goat cheese since 1989, with their Goat Cheese Pyramid. This creamy spreadable cheese is liberating and comes with a motto: “let your creativity soar”.  Chavrie’s fresh cheese is delicious on crackers, with some seasoning, but it really shines when used in your kitchen. It can bring flavor and texture to your salads, your bagels, and even to your desserts.

Knowing the strong points of their fresh cheese, Chavrie went on to create a range of seasoned goat cheese logs to brighten up your dishes.

veggie, salmon, and tuna rolls with Chavrie pyramid

Chavrie Goat Cheese Logs

Chavrie has a range of flavored cheese logs, delicious as is, but also extremely useful for cooking.

There is of course the Chavrie Goat Cheese Log original flavor, still delicious, in a practical format. For the flavored log there are two main flavors. Chavrie Goat Cheese Log with sundried tomatoes and garlic will bring a kick to your savory dishes, such as your summer salads and pizzas. Chavrie Goat Cheese Log with candied orange peel and cranberries will give you a delicious sweet and savory experience.

Chef Greg's cooking tips

If you’re looking for fun and exciting recipes to use our Chavrie Goat Cheese, please visit our blog, and Chef Greg will introduce you to the many uses of our wonderful cheeses.

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