Our Cheeses

Cheese Lover Shop features a wide variety of both domestically produced high-end specialty cheeses and imported renowned French favorites.

alouette cheeses spreadable

Alouette cheese

Alouette has been making cheese with passion for over 40 years. A combination of French tradition and American can-do that produces delicious and succulent cheeses.
Beehive barely buzzed espresso and lavender

Beehive cheese

Beehive is a small family-owned authentic creamery. Tim Welsh and Pat Ford have been busy producing delicious cheeses in Utah since 2005.
cheese board with chavrie garlic and herbs cranberry & orange peel, crackers, nuts, olives

Chavrie Goat cheese

Chavrie is a brand of remarkable fresh cheeses. Their original flavor is perfect for your recipes, and their flavorful cheese logs are delicious as is, or in your cooking.

Dorothy's creamery

Dorothy’s Cheese has been producing delicious flowery shaped cheese. They come from a long familial tradition of cheese making since the late 1800, when Fred Kolb opened the Lena Cheese dairy.
ile de france camembert and brie

Ile de France

Ile de France is the name of the first refrigerated liner to import Brie to America, in 1936. Today, they still bring delicious cheeses to your table.
Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue cheese

Rogue Creamery

Rogue Creamery is a cheesemaker in Oregon, specialized in blue cheese. Their cheesemaking techniques and facilities are inspired by the widely renowned Roquefort.
saint agur and fig on a cereal bread

Saint Agur

Saint Agur have been producing their delicious blue cheese for more than 25 years. Indulge yourself and discover their wickedly creamy cheese.
salad bowl with baked salmon and saint andré cheese

Saint André

Saint André is a brand that makes only one cheese, available in 4,5 lbs and 7 oz. But what a cheese. Saint André is a triple crème cheese, and one of the most buttery, creamy, and tempting delicacies in the world of cheese.
Smithfield whipped cream cheese

Smithfield Cream Cheese

Smithfield craft delicious cream cheese to cater to everyone’s needs. They’ve been crafting quality cream cheese recipes for 85 years.

Supreme cheese

Supreme is a brand that specializes in delicious, Brie-inspired soft ripened cheeses. Deliciously creamy on their own, or to use in recipes.