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Cheese Tasting Class

Sharpen your cheese knowledge and learn the fundamentals of cheese pairing with Chef Greg in the Cheese Lover Class. He’ll explain why creamy, gooey cheeses taste even better with bubbles, how bitterness complements a buttery cheese, and more in the virtual class.

Beehive cheese

Beehive is a small family-owned authentic creamery. Tim Welsh and Pat Ford have been busy producing delicious cheeses in Utah, the Beehive State, since 2005. Their creamery started small, and though it has since expanded, they still need to use every inch of space available to store their cheese. The workers move in small walkways around the vat to make the cheese, pretty much like in a beehive.

A local creamery

Since 2005, Beehive has been a creamery proud of its roots in Utah, the Beehive state. Their milk has been locally sourced from Wadeland Dairy since 2005. This top-quality milk gives their cheese its signature butteriness. As the seasons change, the milk evolves, and so Beehive adjusts its recipes to continually produce top quality cheese.

Beehive’s cheeses

Beehive Cheese is renowned for its flavorful cheddars. Their best sellers are both available at Cheese Lover Shop.

Barely Buzzed, a splendid rubbed cheddar

Barely Buzzed is the first cheddar made by Beehive Cheese. Tim Welsh and Pat Ford found their inspiration with unusual ingredients for cheese, combining coffee and lavender to rub their cheese. This experience is today still one of their most sought-after cheeses, in which the bitterness of the coffee wonderfully complements the creaminess of the cheddar.

 Pour Me a Slice, a creamy, whiskey-infused cheddar

Their inspiration for Pour Me A Slice also came from combining a delicious Cheddar with another product to enhance its flavor. They came up with the idea of infusing Cheddar with Basil Hayden’s bourbon whiskey. The result is a smooth Cheddar, a balanced combination where the taste of whiskey doesn’t overpower the taste of the cheese.