Saint Agur
Blue Cheese Wedge 4.5 oz

Saint Agur is one of France’s most famous blue cheeses. It combines the rich taste of blue veined cheeses with a unique creamy texture that melts in your mouth.

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Hollis Ramsey
27 January 2021
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I had the Saint Agur for brunch today, with pear slices and Black Pepper triscuits. Wow, was that good! So easily spreadable, creamy and tangy! I usually like my blues really sharp, but this one had just the right notes, and with the pear and black pepper contrasts, I’m a very happy camper. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!
Mary P.
13 November 2020
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This is one of my favorite blue's even though I don't venture into blue cheese too much. On occasion I'll need something for a salad or dressing and I tend to seek this one out. I know most people would like a stronger more crumbly blue, but I prefer that this one isn't overwhelming with still a pleasant texture. Give it a try on your cheese board if you're not too comfortable with the heavier blue cheeses.

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