Mother's day cheese board gift idea
A cheese composition for a Mother’s Day gift
In this video, he’ll show you a beautiful cheese composition that will delight your gourmet mother.
cheese and beer pairings
How to pair cheese with beer
Sometimes we fancy a beer, and as a cheese lover, a beer with cheese really hits the spot. When it comes to pairing cheese with other ingredients, we rarely just pick a cheese and ingredient at random, then mash them up together. It’s just the same with beer… so here’s our advice on how to pair the right beer with the right cheese, for a delicious result.
alouette brie for baking
Alouette Brie recipes for baking
Alouette produces delicious, soft-ripened cheeses. We’re delighted to introduce you to their new baking brie with three mouth-watering recipes, thought-out and presented by Chef Greg. Trust him to help you produce melty and delicious dishes with this wonderful brie.
Chef Greg’s gourmet cheeseboard, featuring Dorothy’s Holy Smoke
Holy Smoke is Dorothy’s latest delicious cheese, a smoked, soft, ripened cow’s milk cheese. It’s a mouth-watering addition to the Dorothy’s cheese family. Chef Greg shows you how to make a delicious cheeseboard to best feature this wonderful cheese.
blog post chef greg holiday cheese ideas
End of year Cheese Ideas
End of the year celebration are festive occasions, with lots of petits fours, and delicious food. Bring cheese to your party with Chef Greg’s suggestions.
quesadilla chef greg cheese lover shop
Two delicious cheesy quesadilla recipes
A quesadilla is even better with good cheese, and we’re free to use any ingredient of our choosing for the filling. Chef Greg offers you two suggestions.
blog post chef greg soft ripened cheese platter
Cheese board for soft ripened cheese lovers
Making up a cheese board is a daunting task. There are so many ways to arrange and accompany cheeses. Chef Greg shares his suggestions.
blog post chef greg cheese and crackers
Not just cheese and crackers
Cheese and crackers go well together as a bite-size treat. Simple and effective. Maybe too simple? Chef Greg gives you six simple ways to make your cheese and crackers be more than just cheese and crackers.
Party cheese recipes for your party cheeseboard
A cheese lover’s party is incomplete without its cheese board. Chef Greg brings you five wonderful cheese recipes to build your ultimate party platter.
alouette cheese dipping recipe cheeselovershop
3 Self-indulgent cheese dips recipes
Cheese dips are the ultimate party food. With bread, crackers, roast potatoes and delicatessen. Fun and delicious and as diverse as they come. Chef Greg has crafted three wonderful cheese dips for you and your guests.
supreme cheese cooking cheeselovershop
3 delicious Supreme cheese recipes
Today, Chef Greg will feature our Supreme, a soft ripened cow’s cheese in a mac and cheese recipe, and two other delicious dishes.
Blog post bring cheese to breakfast
Bring cheeses to your breakfast
Cheese is a staple for every meal, though often forgotten in the morning. Chef Greg shows you three ways to bring delicious cheeses to your breakfast table.
blog post blue cheeses saint agur rogue creamery
Blue cheese: Why we love it, how we enjoy it
Blue cheeses deserve all the love they get. They’re delicious on their own, or on crackers. If you want to push the tasting experience further, here are some suggestions to complement blue cheeses.
The perfect cheese board, by Cheese Lover Shop
You’d like your guests to enjoy the most appetizing cheese board? Chef Greg guides you step by step to make the most of your cheese. When we refer to perfect cheeseboard we often refer to the use of different milk, texture (hard/soft) and colors to bring all the different flavors cheeses can deliver.
chef greg blog post
What is cheese and how to use it?
Chef Greg Guides you in the many ways to use and appreciate cheese. Discover our delicious cheeses and how to get the most out of them.
farm program post blog
The FARM Program
FARM is a program that ensures the highest standards for the well-being a of the animals, and ensure happy & healthy cows that produce wonderful milk.