Cheese Lover Club subscription by Cheese Lover Shop


The Cheese Lover Shop aims to bring you the best of French and American cheeses along with outstanding accompaniments for a perfect cheese board creation. Variety is part of what makes the world of cheese so wonderful. However, once we’ve handpicked our favorite cheeses, there’s a temptation to stay in that comfort zone, which prevents us from discovering new flavors.


This is why the Cheese Lover shop is offering a new monthly subscription cheese box. Up to ten tantalizing products including cheeses, accompaniments, and more. This new subscription by the Cheese Lover Shop is a fun and easy way to discover new cheeses every month, for just $70 with free shipping.


$70.00/ month

Up to 10 products including




Surprise product(s)
Free Shipping

* 3 months renewable commitment, possibility to pause membership
How does it work?
Join the Cheese Lover’s Club
Receive your package at your door
Follow the Cheeseboard Guide and enjoy!
Leave a review on our website and share your creation with us on instagram
Important about the club

How do we select the products in our cheese boxes?

We select our favorite cheeses and the best combinations to deliver the best tasting experience every month. You can use these cheeses to craft your perfect cheese board and impress your guests, following advice and pointers from Chef Greg on our blog.
Every package is crafted with the same care and attention to taste and combinations.
Sign up for your three-month membership. The first delivery of your cheese club box will ship the month after you sign up – for example, if you sign up in September, your first delivery will be the October box.
You can consult our cheese blog for recipes and advice on how to prepare and serve cheeses you’re not yet familiar with.
This is also a great gift idea, as the Holidays are just around the corner, why not share the love of cheese with your loved ones?


A flexible cheese box subscription

There may be a month where you can’t receive your e cheese box. Maybe you’ll be out on vacation or out of town? No problem! This is why we are making your Cheese Box subscription flexible: you can pause it and reactivate it any time or we can ship to a different address upon request, at no extra cost. This leaves you hassle free.

Cheese Lover Club subscription by Cheese Lover Shop
$70.00 /month