Chef Greg’s Recipes

After many years of building up his “cheese expertise,” Chef Greg has compiled an incredible collection of recipes. These recipes wil be featured on this blog to help you discover some delicious new cheeses and flavors! Whether you want to make something simple and easy or you’re a more seasoned cook, you’re sure to find mouth-watering cheese recipes you’ll love.

Cheese Quiche
What could be better than a homemade quiche with seasonal vegetables to enjoy in the winter? Simple, quick and delicious, a quiche is perfect for a healthy and delicious meal. To enjoy as an appetizer or a main course paired with salad, quiche never disappoints!
45 min
Blue Cheese Ice Cream
Give into temptation with this Saint Agur ice cream--the most wonderful and decadent way to end your meal!
25 min
Pea Soup
A steaming bowl of soup is the perfect, cozy winter dish to warm you up during the cold months. And it's even better with a little Saint Agur!
30 min
Cheese Puff Pastry and spinach
This is a great idea for your next appetizer to share with family or friends! Quick and easy to make, this dish will please both the cooks and their guests.
35 min
Cheese and Salmon Croissant
For a healthy, balanced breakfast that will keep you going all morning, prepare a delicious smoked salmon and Dorothy’s Comeback Cow croissant.
10 min