Our Brands

The Cheese Lover Shop is proud to sell cheese brands from the foothills of France to the heart of the Midwest. These cheesemakers prioritize only the best ingredients and methods, creating cheese beloved around the world.

alouette cheeses spreadable

Alouette cheese

Alouette has been making creamy, French-inspired cheeses in Pennsylvania for more than 40 years. These delicious cheeses add a burst of flavor to all cheese boards.
Beehive barely buzzed espresso and lavender

Beehive cheese

This family-run creamery in Utah has been making top-quality cheeses for more than 15 years. Their creamy, flavor-infused cheddars are a must-have on any cheese board—just ask Chef Greg!
cheese board with chavrie garlic and herbs cranberry & orange peel, crackers, nuts, olives

Chavrie Goat cheese

Creamy with a touch of tang, Chavrie’s classic goat cheese logs, spreadable cheeses, and flavored options add excitement and flavor to recipes and cheese boards alike.
selection of dorothy's cheese

Dorothy's creamery

Based in Lena, Illinois, Dorothy’s specializes in crafting creamy, iconic flower-shaped cheeses. Available in an array of craveworthy flavors, the cheeses have been made since the late 19th century, when the original creamery was opened.
ile de france camembert and brie

Ile de France cheese

Ile de France shares a name with the first refrigerated liner to bring authentic French Brie to America in 1936. Today, the brand continues to deliver the emblematic cheese, in addition to other French varieties.
Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue cheese

Rogue Creamery

This Oregon-based cheesemaker uses practices developed in the Roquefort region of France to create its award-winning blue cheese, stateside.
saint agur and fig on a cereal bread

Saint Agur

This award-winning creamy blue is made in the Auvergne region of France. It’s a stand out for its smooth, mild taste.
salad bowl with baked salmon and saint andré cheese

Saint André

This buttery triple crème cheese is a tempting delicacy. Made in Northern France, it’s an impeccably creamy cheese, with a superior cream-to-rind ratio.
Smithfield whipped cream cheese

Smithfield Cream Cheese

Made with only the finest ingredients using the original Amish recipe, this luscious cream cheese has been a favorite for more than 85 years.

Supreme cheese

Based in Lena, Illinois, Supreme crafts creamy, Brie-inspired cheeses using locally sourced milk. The soft, buttery cheese is easy to melt and eat, without the bitterness of other Bries.


Add a little Hope to your occasion. Hope lightly blends fresh, organic, and non-gmo ingredients, to create delicious, fresh tasting, hummus, and plant-based dips that pair perfectly with charcuterie boards.