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We truly believe that there’s nothing better than cheese! Cheese is an important part of many cuisines around the world, which speaks to its incredible variety, versatility and universally-loved taste! On this blog, Chef Greg Gable will share some amazing serving and pairing recommendations, as well as delicious recipes to help you explore and enjoy all kinds of cheese.

How is blue cheese made?
Blue cheese is a tantalizing ingredient. However, quite a few hold back from trying blue cheese, due to the fact that it contains mold. Mold is often thought of as something that grows in damp houses, and so not really that appetizing. However, the mold on blue cheese is developed deliberately and it’s perfectly edible and healthy.
The art of aging cheese
Older cheeses taste stronger, as their flavor is intensified during the aging process. However, you can’t just leave a cheese to age randomly, because it may simply become inedible. Here is why, and how, maturing cheese can improve its natural taste.
Brie Ile de France
What is cheese's sensory analysis
As with good wine, a cheese’s taste, depth, and the craftsmanship of the cheesemaker can be better judged and appreciated under the right conditions. How do they ensure that the cheese hits the market at its peak, at a quality that’s always consistent? They have their own testing process that allows them to monitor the ripening of their cheeses, something called sensory analysis.
Ile de France Brie
What is soft-ripened cheese?
There are numerous types of cheese. Some are self-explanatory, such as a hard cheese, cow’s cheese, or goat’s cheese. But what is a soft-ripened cheese? How does it acquire its texture and its bloomy rind? Here are some answers to better understand this type of cheese.
Best cheese cordon bleu
Best cheese for a cordon bleu
Cordon bleu is a slice of meat, pounded, paired with cheese, and deep-fried. It means ‘blue ribbon’, the emblem of the knights of the Order of the Holy Spirit. In France, if you call someone a ‘Cordon Bleu’, it means they are an excellent cook.
Camembert cheese roasted in the oven
The best cheese for your cheese dips
Cheese dips are a festive way to feast on your favorite cheese. Just cook your cheese according to your preferred recipe and indulge with potatoes, foods from the deli, or other ingredients of your liking. The most famous cheese dip is cheese fondue, but don’t let that stop you from exploring ways to enjoy other types of dip.
How to choose the right cheese knife for your cheese
Cutting cheese is part of eating your cheese. With all the care put in by the cheesemaker to get the cheese to your plate in perfect condition, it would be a shame to damage it during the cut. That’s why there are several cheese knives to cut different types of cheese.
Cheese platter with cold cuts
How to cut and serve cheese
How to cut cheese may seem obvious, but there are many ways to improve your cheeseboard with a bit of creativity around your cheeses. Here, we’ll explore some ways to cut your cheese and the possibilities it opens up.
cheese soufflé
The best cheese for your cheese soufflé
Cheese soufflé is a French dish that has gained popularity worldwide. A set process needs to be followed – using eggs, flour, milk and butter – to get a fluffy, delicious soufflé. This base aside, other ingredients can be added at the cook’s discretion, you can explore both savory or sweet soufflés, or incorporate cheese to make a cheese soufflé.
The best cheese for grilled cheese
Grilled cheese is one of the simplest dishes, but it is widely popular, and nostalgic for many cheese lovers. That’s why most cooks experiment at some point, to improve and make their best grilled cheese. Here are our recommendations on how to choose cheeses to improve your grilled cheese.
cheese board with saint andré cheese charcuterie and crackers
How to tell if your cheese has gone bad?
Cheese is a wonderful piece of food, both on its own and in a dish. It’s an ever-changing ingredient that will keep maturing after you buy it. However, it’s still a perishable food, and it can often be hard to distinguish what is proper maturing and what are the signs of a cheese gone bad.
The best cheeses to go with your salads
Salads are delicious and refreshing during summer. Let your creativity flourish – try a different salad every day and add cheeses of your liking to heighten their taste. Here’s our advice on how to choose cheeses to create colorful and powerful salads.
The best cheese for jalapeño poppers
Jalapeño poppers are a fun appetizer that will delight your friends and family alike before any dinner or barbeque. While the ingredients for the dish are generally simple–jalapeño peppers, oil, and cheese –cheese is a broad term. Recipes often recommend different cheeses, so we are here to explain why and give you our own cheese recommendations.
Best cheeses for breakfast
Cheese is a gourmet’s companion throughout the day. We eat it for lunch and dinner, and many love to indulge at every chance. But did you know that breakfast is yet another opportunity to taste a large variety of delightful cheeses? Here are our cheese recommendations for a delicious breakfast.
Best cheese to cook your pasta with
Cheese is a wonder on a cheeseboard, but every cook wants to use it in their dishes too. Here are our recommendations on how to use cheese in your pasta dishes. How to choose it, and how to cook it.
What is soft-ripened cheese?
There are numerous types of cheese. Some are self-explanatory, such as a hard cheese, cow’s cheese, or goat’s cheese. But what is a soft-ripened cheese? How does it acquire its texture and its bloomy rind? Here are some answers to better understand this type of cheese.
ripened and unripened cheese
What is the difference between ripened and unripened cheese?
Natural cheeses are made by making milk coagulate, using either rennet or acid. As their name indicates, ripened cheeses are then further matured to develop a stronger taste and an ideal texture. But what does the ripening process consist of? And how does it transform the cheese?
st agur - st albray - fig - wine
How to pair cheese with wine
Cheese’s most famous partner at the table is wine. It’s quite common to open a good bottle of wine to complement a good cheese board, especially if you’re having guests. However, cheeses and wines are many and varied, and making the right choices is an art that comes down to preference and experience.
bread - Garlic - Camembert
The best cheese for your cheese fondue
Few dishes are as indulgent as a cheese fondue. Choose your ingredients, and just dip them in a wonderful mix of hot cheese and white wine. It’s a dish that has many variations, all of which can be enjoyed with your family and friends – and all delicious. What type of cheese fondue you’ll crave boils down to what kind of cheese you fancy.
Chavrie - burger
The best cheese for burgers
It’s safe to say that a burger is one of those dishes with a huge variety of options. Hamburgers, fish burgers, vegan burgers – where you can swap the vegetables as much as you like… and of course, you can create your perfect burger with your favorite cheese. While some cheeses are easier to use for burgers, most cheeses can be chosen for this versatile dish.
Alouette - smoky jalapeno - spaghettis
How to cook with cheese
Cheese comes in many shapes, forms, and flavors – and most types of cheese can be incorporated into your dishes, if you want to explore new realms of culinary indulgence. However, when the time comes to choose which cheese to use for a particular recipe, sometimes the one to pick is far from obvious. Here are our recommendations to get the best results with cheese.
Mother's day cheese board gift idea
A cheese composition for a Mother’s Day gift
In this video, he’ll show you a beautiful cheese composition that will delight your gourmet mother.
cheese and beer pairings
How to pair cheese with beer
Sometimes we fancy a beer, and as a cheese lover, a beer with cheese really hits the spot. When it comes to pairing cheese with other ingredients, we rarely just pick a cheese and ingredient at random, then mash them up together. It’s just the same with beer… so here’s our advice on how to pair the right beer with the right cheese, for a delicious result.
Alouette Brie recipes for baking
Alouette produces delicious, soft-ripened cheeses. We’re delighted to introduce you to their new baking brie with three mouth-watering recipes, thought-out and presented by Chef Greg. Trust him to help you produce melty and delicious dishes with this wonderful brie.
Chef Greg’s gourmet cheeseboard
Chef Greg’s gourmet cheeseboard, featuring Dorothy’s Holy Smoke
Holy Smoke is Dorothy’s latest delicious cheese, a smoked, soft, ripened cow’s milk cheese. It’s a mouth-watering addition to the Dorothy’s cheese family. Chef Greg shows you how to make a delicious cheeseboard to best feature this wonderful cheese.
blog post chef greg holiday cheese ideas
End of year Cheese Ideas
End of the year celebration are festive occasions, with lots of petits fours, and delicious food. Bring cheese to your party with Chef Greg’s suggestions.
quesadilla chef greg cheese lover shop
Two delicious cheesy quesadilla recipes
A quesadilla is even better with good cheese, and we’re free to use any ingredient of our choosing for the filling. Chef Greg offers you two suggestions.
blog post chef greg soft ripened cheese platter
Cheese board for soft ripened cheese lovers
Making up a cheese board is a daunting task. There are so many ways to arrange and accompany cheeses. Chef Greg shares his suggestions.
blog post chef greg cheese and crackers
Not just cheese and crackers
Cheese and crackers go well together as a bite-size treat. Simple and effective. Maybe too simple? Chef Greg gives you six simple ways to make your cheese and crackers be more than just cheese and crackers.
Party cheese recipes for your party cheeseboard
Party cheese recipes for your party cheeseboard
A cheese lover’s party is incomplete without its cheese board. Chef Greg brings you five wonderful cheese recipes to build your ultimate party platter.
alouette cheese dipping recipe cheeselovershop
3 Self-indulgent cheese dips recipes
Cheese dips are the ultimate party food. With bread, crackers, roast potatoes and delicatessen. Fun and delicious and as diverse as they come. Chef Greg has crafted three wonderful cheese dips for you and your guests.
supreme cheese cooking cheeselovershop
3 delicious Supreme cheese recipes
Today, Chef Greg will feature our Supreme, a soft ripened cow’s cheese in a mac and cheese recipe, and two other delicious dishes.
Blog post bring cheese to breakfast
Bring cheeses to your breakfast
Cheese is a staple for every meal, though often forgotten in the morning. Chef Greg shows you three ways to bring delicious cheeses to your breakfast table.
blog post blue cheeses saint agur rogue creamery
Blue cheese: Why we love it, how we enjoy it
Blue cheeses deserve all the love they get. They’re delicious on their own, or on crackers. If you want to push the tasting experience further, here are some suggestions to complement blue cheeses.
The perfect cheese board, by Cheese Lover Shop
The perfect cheese board, by Cheese Lover Shop
You’d like your guests to enjoy the most appetizing cheese board? Chef Greg guides you step by step to make the most of your cheese. When we refer to perfect cheeseboard we often refer to the use of different milk, texture (hard/soft) and colors to bring all the different flavors cheeses can deliver.
chef greg blog post
What is cheese and how to use it?
Chef Greg Guides you in the many ways to use and appreciate cheese. Discover our delicious cheeses and how to get the most out of them.
farm program post blog
The FARM Program
FARM is a program that ensures the highest standards for the well-being a of the animals, and ensure happy & healthy cows that produce wonderful milk.