alouette brie for baking
March 2, 2021

Alouette Brie recipes for baking

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Alouette produces delicious, soft-ripened cheeses. We’re delighted to introduce you to their new Brie for Baking with three mouth-watering recipes, thought-out and presented by Chef Greg. Trust him to help you produce melty and delicious dishes with this wonderful brie.

Brie cooked with maple syrup and fruit

For his first recipe, Chef Greg decided to go with an easy-to-prepare dish. The brie is simply topped with maple syrup and fruit, then cooked in the oven. This proves that this creamy brie is sufficient in itself, and doesn’t need a lot of preparation to create a tantalizing treat. Props to Chef Greg for demonstrating how creamy and oozy this brie is.


Brie cooked in puff pastry, with cherry spread and pecans

Cheese cooked in a puff pastry is classic cuisine. Chef Greg tops it with pecans and sour cherry spread. The sour cherries tastefully and beautifully complement the brie, since the cherries perfectly counterbalance any acidity in the brie.


Brie cooked for a hot-cheese sauté

Chef Greg’s third recipe is a bit more intricate, but it looks and tastes amazing. Brie is cooked in a pan with oil, berry jam, maple syrup, orange juice, and pomegranate, until it turns a nice golden-brown color. He cooks the juice to reduce it to a syrupy consistency, and adds some mint, finely cut in julienne strips. He then opens up the brie from the top, to let the creamy, melted heart appear, and tops it with the syrup, for a wonderful dipping experience.

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