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October 28, 2020

What is cheese and how to use it?

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Cheese Lover Shop’s blog: What is cheese and how to use it?

What is cheese? Cheese is a fantastic dairy product and our great passion. At Cheese Lover Shop, we strive to bring you the best cheeses. Chef Greg (Gregory Gable) shares his love of cheese and has spent years finding new ways to use it. He’ll present you his discoveries, his mouth-watering recipes, ways to arrange a cheese platter to enhance and highlight your cheeses, and other tips.

Cheese was created to preserve milk. Thousands of years ago, when fridges did not exist, making cheese was a way to preserve milk. Historically soft cheese are made in plains and plateaus where the climate remains constant throughout the year, and therefore the cows can produce milk year round, while hard cheese are made in the mountains because the animals can only produce milk for a limited time during the year, and people living in the mountains still have to eat all year round.

There is enough history to make a full blog about the history of cheese. Please let us know it you would be interested by this subject.


How to arrange a cheese board

To artfully arrange a cheeseboard, you need a firm understanding of what cheese is, and how to bring the best of each cheese. For example, some cheeses look better with a horizontal cut instead of a traditional vertical one, to reveal their creamy heart. Cheese boards also feature accompaniments for cheeses. Chef Greg offers you his recommendations, some you may already have thought of, some more daring, such as a delicious chestnut chutney with Rogue Oregon Blue cheese, or a date and almond cake to garnish his perfect cheese board.


How to cook with cheese

Chef Greg has searched for ways to incorporate cheese in pairings for years. He has delicious recipes for you to discover. Soon you’ll be able to see him prepare delicious quesadillas, cheese dips, and many recipes for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for recipe ideas, or just want to perfect your cooking, come and explore our videos, and feel free to comment and contact us for any advice.

Our videos will teach you bit by bit about cheese. What cheese is, and how to present it or prepare it. If you have any questions, please let us know, and we may be able to give an answer in a future video.

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