Chef Greg’s e-book: Delicious cheese tips and pairings for all occasions

Chef Greg Gable is a cheese expert who has been refining his knowledge for over 20 years. He actively participates in research and development to create new cheeses and bring new flavors to your table by combining and cooking delicious cheese products.

Today, he shares his culinary experience in this e-book on recipes for cheese recipes and other advice on serving and pairing to get the most out of our wonderful cheeses.

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Cheese recipes and advice for all cooks

Chef Greg is an expert in his field and has rated how hard his recipes are to help you choose the right one for you. You’ll not only find cheese recipes but also a host of pointers on how to choose a cheese and how to create the perfect cheese board. Should you organize your cheeses from mildest to strongest, or maybe sort them by color? What cut and accompaniment will give the strongest visual impact?

Cheese pairings

Part of enjoying a cheese is pairing it with other foods. We typically ponder what wine will best complement our cheese, but Chef Greg’s insight goes further, with pairing recommendations including beer, teas, fruits, and juices. Equipped with these fresh ideas, you can cater to every palate around your cheese board.

General advice on our Cheese

Chef Greg knows everything there is to know about our Cheese. With Chef Greg’s e-book, you will discover ways to get the best out of your favorite cheeses, including cutting and presentation advice like what knife to use and what shape is best to get a perfect rind-to-cheese ratio and easy-on-the-eye aesthetics.

If you want to get all this advice along with cheese recipes and more, just download Chef Greg’s e-book. You can also find more tips on how to enjoy, prepare and serve cheese on our cheese blog.