Mother's day cheese board gift idea
April 28, 2021

A cheese composition for a Mother’s Day gift

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The perfect cheese gift for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, one of the most touching ways to show your affection is with a fragrant bouquet of flowers. The colors, the feel, and the smell, make it an ideal gift. However, as a top cheese chef, Chef Greg also focuses on another sense: the sense of taste. In this video, he’ll show you a beautiful cheese composition that will delight your gourmet mother.


Chef Greg’s cheese selection for a Mother’s Day gift

To decorate the bouquet, Chef Greg went for a colorful selection of cheeses. Dorothy’s Comeback Cow brings its orange rind and flowery shape to the dining table, while Chavrie’s cheese log is beautifully decorated with dried cranberries and candied orange peel. He also adds Supreme Brie Bites, which are conveniently shaped and a cheese lover’s favorite, and Ile de France cheese slices, which can be folded beautifully.

How to make a beautiful cheese bouquet

For this cheese bouquet, Chef Greg starts by filling the vase with spices, which will hold your pieces in place and can be used as a cheese dip. He then puts the cheeses onto the ends of skewers, either as they are, for the brie bites, or by cutting them beautifully for the others. To add more color and tastes, he also adds grapes and strawberries to the skewer, and transforms the cheese slices into rolled cheeses, garnished with prosciutto and basil. You can then further garnish your bouquet to taste, with delicatessen, cherry jam, and other side dishes.

Happy Mother’s Day everybody! To make your very own bouquet of cheese flowers for Mother’s Day, you can find all these cheeses on our online cheese shop.

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