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Picture for New box 2023The new box of January 2023 composed of 7 products.

New box 2023

Limited edition!
Discover the new 2023 box! A selection of our best medal-winning cheeses and their accompaniments.
Picture for BoardsbyMo HOLIDAY KIT


Limited edition!
Receive a free tutorial with your kit on how to make the perfect cheese board for 8 people! Plus, get free shipping!
Picture for Convinoboard HOLIDAY KIT

Convinoboard HOLIDAY KIT

Limited edition!
The @ConVinoBoard Holiday Collaboration Kit includes 3 gourmet cheeses, 6 tasty sides and a FREE video tutorial to help you make the perfect holiday cheese board! Plus, shipping is free!
Picture for The Charcuterie Queen HOLIDAY KIT

The Charcuterie Queen HOLIDAY KIT

Limited edition!
Here is a complete and varied kit to satisfy up to 8 people! Moreover, its delivery is free.
Picture for Caprice des dieux 10.5oz

Caprice des dieux 10.5oz

Limited edition!
Translated by “Whim of the Gods”, it's a smooth and creamy soft-cheese with a beautiful (edible) velvety rind. One of the best French seller!
Picture for Mini Caprice Des Dieux 4.4oz

Mini Caprice Des Dieux 4.4oz

These individual portions, so soft and tasty, are as much for the little ones as for the adults! To be enjoyed alone or to share.
Picture for Cheese Board Kitmother day cheeseboard

Cheese Board Kit

5.00 out of 5
1 customer ratings
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With both new and familiar flavors, this assortment of 8 products is perfect if you want a little bit of everything! This kit is ideal for 8 people and delivery is free!
Picture for The Ultimate boxdelish cheese box

The Ultimate box

Limited edition!
This limited edition box contains 6 creamy cheeses and 6 classic accompaniments to make the ultimate cheese board, perfect for large groups of up to 10! And the delivery is free!
Picture for Clean Kitchen Nutrition kit

Clean Kitchen Nutrition kit

Limited edition!
The @CleanKitchenNutrition Kit includes 4 gourmet cheeses and 3 delicious side dishes to help you make one of the most beautiful (and delicious) cheese boards. Plus, get free shipping!