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Dorothy’s Cheese

Dorothy’s Creamery has been producing delicious flowery shaped cheese. They come from a long familial tradition of cheese making since the late 18005, when Fred Kolb opened the Kolb-Lena Cheese dairy. Today’s flowery shape is inspired by the spring flowers of the Apple River Canyon in the near by area. A place Dorothy used to love.

Soft ripened cheeses made with the freshest milk

Dorothy’s cheeses are Dorothy’s Comeback Cow, Dorothy’s Keep Dreaming and Dorothy’s Diggin’Truffles. They are creamy soft ripened cow cheese, each carrying additional flavors, such as vegetable ash and truffles. Their milk is locally sourced from farms around Lena and give their cheeses their earthy, flowery taste. They care for their product during the cheesemaking process, and still do the dipping, coating, and wrapping processes by hand. Soon to come: Holy Smoke! Dorothy’s latest cheese infused of smoky flavors – release March 2021

Dorothy’s cheeses, three similar, but different cheeses

Dorothy’s cheeses may all be soft ripened cow cheeses, yet every single one is a unique, delicious experience. Dorothy’s Comeback Cow is a cheese with a rustic taste. It carries the flavor of rich milk, almonds, mushrooms, and truffles. It’s their most acclaimed cheese and will fit on your cheeseboard and go with strong bodied wines. Acclaimed award winning cheese with over 6 medals including BEST SOFT RIPENED CHEESE MADE IN AMERICA since 2019 Dorothy’s Keep Dreaming is tangier than its older brother, and gains robustness as it matures. Rubbed in vegetable ash, it’ll ravish cheese lovers who are fond of luscious cheeses. Dorothy’s Diggin’Truffles is the earthiest of Dorothy’s cheeses. It carries the delicious rustic taste of black truffles. It’s perfect for cheese lovers who enjoy the deep taste of this ingredient. If you don’t know which one to choose, or want them all, discover Dorothy’s Cheese Bundle, perfect for family gatherings and restaurants.   And….to give you some heads up….Holy Smoke which is also a soft cheese infused with smoky flavors! Official release March 2021