Spreadable cheeses are cheeses so soft that they can be easily spread on your ingredients just with a knife or spatula. They’re widely popular for cooking and snacks because they’re fun and easy to use.

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What are spreadable cheeses?

Spreadable cheeses are either fresh cheeses, with little to no ripening, or crème de fromage, a delicious recipe that mellows cheese into a spreadable paste. In both cases, the cheese itself has a fresh taste. It’s usually accompanied by other ingredients, to bring more flavors. This is so for Chavrie, a fresh goat’s cheese log that comes in three flavors: You can use a fresh cheese in its original flavors for your recipes, or simply on crackers, with minimal seasoning, or opt for our tantalizing flavored spreadable cheeses.

Spreadable cheeses in cooking

Spreadable cheese is so easy to shape that it’s a staple in American cuisine, for home cooks and restaurant chefs alike. It’s used to cover surfaces evenly, like bagels and toast. It also allows delicious, easy recipes: you can mix ingredients without melting the cheese to make a delicious cheese spread or cheese dip. Some spreadable cheese already contain additional ingredients, such as Alouette Spinach and Artichoke Spread, for a mouthwatering experience. Chef Greg brings you three succulent morning “bagel with cream cheese” recipes in his “what’s for breakfast?” video. For delicious recipes using spreadable cheeses, please visit our blog, and discover the many ways to enjoy our wonderful cheeses.