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Ile de France cheese

Ile de France is the name of the first refrigerated liner to import Brie to America, in 1936. This 231-meter-long liner was the biggest of its time and is still the logo of the Ile de France brand. Today, Ile de France still bring delicious cheeses to your table.

A story of Brie and a ship

In 1936, Alfred Schratter, a cheese enthusiast, wanted to introduce France’s best cheese to the USA. The new refrigeration installed on the Ile de France liner made this possible, and he contracted the first shipment of Brie in 1936. Today, Brie is one of the most sought-after cheeses in the USA, and Ile de France remains a top seller in the United States, with both their Brie, Camembert and fresh Goat cheese

Ile de France’s range of cheeses

Today, Ile de France still import their delicious Brie. Three of their products are available at the Cheese Lover shop: Ile de France 8 oz Brie won the silver medal at the 2020 World Championship cheese contest, held In Madison, WI . They also sell a 13.2 oz baby Brie. Smooth with a slight taste of mushrooms and hazlenuts. Ile de France Brie Bites, a perfect cheese snack to eat on the go. Small, but flavor packed. Ile de France Camembert. While not as renowned as Brie in the US, Camembert is one of France’s most famous cheeses, with a typical flavor of mushrooms, and a creamy texture. Ile de France Brie slices, for your burgers, quesadillas, and all your cheesy dishes. The full deliciousness of Brie in a convenient format. If you want to find recipe ideas on how to use Ile de France cheeses, please consult our blog, where Chef Greg shows you the many ways to use these wonderful cheeses.