Goat cheese is one of the oldest type of cheese in the world. Many recipes have been developed over a span of several thousand years. Today, goat cheese comes in many forms from the hands of skilled cheesemakers, from fresh cheese to hard, dry goat cheese.

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Goat cheese in history

Goat cheese was the first known cheese, and its discovery, though accidental, was almost inevitable. Goat’s milk doesn’t need rennet to coagulate, and the discovery of the milk’s new form and change of taste intrigued our ancestors, who became pioneer cheesemakers. It spread to several civilizations, and evidence for goat cheese making has been found in Egypt and in the Roman Empire. Today, there are more than 120 sorts of goat cheese, from fresh goat cheese to hard cheeses.

Goat cheese and taste

With these many varieties of goat cheese, there’s a wide range of tastes to explore and cook with. Chavrie’s goat cheese logs are a perfect example. They have a similar texture, but they use unique combinations of ingredients, such as sundried tomatoes and garlic, or cranberry and orange peel. These tantalizing flavors will enhance your salads, burgers, and pies with something new every time. Due to the properties of goat’s milk, it is also easier to digest. If you want to know which goat cheese to choose to meet your needs or to set on your cheeseboard, please take our cheese quiz, which will guide you toward the goat cheese that will delight you.