Goat’s milk was the first milk used to make cheese. While goat’s milk cheeses’ discovery may have been accidental, the craving it created led to thousand years perfecting these delicacies until today, and many more in the future.

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The history of goat’s milk in cheese

The process of coagulation of goat’s milk was most likely discovered accidentally. Milk used to be transported inside animal bladders, which naturally produce rennet. The storage of goat’s milk next to rennet caused its coagulation, leading to the first rudimentary fresh cheeses. Faisselle-like cheeses, believed to be the most ancient type of fresh cheese, date back some 7 thousand years.

Goat’s milk characteristics

Goat’s milk cheese is often compared to cow cheese. It is less abundant and is sometimes recommended as a low lactose cheese alternative for people with a mild lactose intolerance. Goat milk has a unique sharpness, and cheese made with goat’s milk tend to have a unique prick on the tongue. This little tingling sensation has us craving for more, and to discover many goat cheeses with their unique aromas and flavors. First, there are fresh goat cheeses, such as Chavrie Pyramid or Chavrie Goat cheese logs. Their flavor is mild. This allows to bring out the unimpeded taste of goat milk in a spreadable texture, allowing for variations on crackers, and in your dishes. However, goat cheese’s taste varies with the ingredients used in its recipes. That Is why Chavrie invented their flavored goat cheese logs. The Sundried tomato and garlic goat cheese log has a taste of summer, while the Cranberry & orange peel log will enhance your deserts and your savory-sweet dishes alike.