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Saint André

Saint André is a brand that makes only one cheese, available in 4,5lbs and 7oz. But what a cheese. Saint André is a triple crème cheese, and one of the most buttery, creamy, and tempting delicacies in the world of cheese. This cheesemaker is based in the northern region of France and has been making their delicious cheese for more than 20 years. It has a fun cake-like shape, that allows for a superior cream to rind ratio. It is a lactic and extremely rich cheese, which becomes even creamier as it matures.

Saint André, a creamy delicacy

Their cheese, the Saint-André, is a soft ripened triple crème cheese. What is a triple crème cheese? This term refers to the amount of butterfat present in the final product. A double crème requires a dry matter butterfat content of 60%, and a triple crème 70%. Even as a triple crème, Saint André has a final butterfat content of 44%. It’s deliciously creamy and buttery, but also balanced. It’s not butter, but the creamiest of cheeses, delicious on its own, and used in some recipes. It also opens the door to unique pairings.

How the cheesemaker suggests eating Saint André

Saint André is butterier than most other cheeses. This makes it a sought-after delicacy, but it also overpowers traditional pairings, such as white wine. Saint André (the cheesemakers) recommend pairing their cheese with a light beer, a crusty baguette, and even a slice of pear. The slight tanginess complements the round taste of this cheese. As an additional recommendation, Chef Greg also likes pairing Saint Andre with strawberries on his perfect cheese board.