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Alouette cheese

Alouette has been making cheese with passion for over 40 years. A combination of French tradition and American can-do that produces delicious and succulent cheeses. Alouette’s featured products are their spreadable cheeses and their Brie.

Alouette’s History

The Alouette company was created in the early 70s by Jean-Noël Bongrain, a French cheesemaker. His aim was to develop French cheese right across the United States. He created new US-inspired cheese recipes adapting traditional French flavors to make them best-suited to the varying US demand.

Alouette Cheese spread

Alouette cheese spreads are available in several flavors. They are full of creamy goodness that will give your recipes a new twist every time you use them. They are pre-seasoned, so they can be used straight out of their container But let your creativity speak out, as Chef Greg introduces you to the many ways of further cooking with Alouette Cheese spreads on our blog. Available flavors on our site are:

Alouette Brie Double Crème

Alouette is originally known for their spreadable cheese. But their Brie is every bit as good. Alouette Baby Brie won an American Cheese Society award in 2013, in the Brie category. Brie is a French creamy delight, and one of the most sought-after cheese types in the USA. If you want to know which Alouette cheese goes best for your recipe or on your cheese board, please contact us or take our cheese quiz for guidance to choose the cheese you need.